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Scale of fees - Property management

Annual fee for property management services

  • 5% of the gross annual rent on the first RM30,000

  • 3% of the gross annual rent on the residue up to RM100,000

  • 2% of the gross annual rent on the residue over RM100,000

The fee is applicable to each holding. The expression ‘holding’ as used here has the same meaning as defined in Section 2 of the Local Government Act 1976.

The expression ‘gross annual rent’ means the rents reserved or deemed to be reserved by the lease or lettings plus any incidental receipts collected or accounted for or both in the course of management.

Minimum fee : As above subject to a minimum fee of RM50 per month.

Additional claims

I​n addition to the above fees, claims may be made for the following:

  • The cost of printing, plans, copies of documents, lithography travelling and other expenses actually incurred;

  • A fee of RM 150 per hour or RM 800 per working day of 8 hours for negotiations, attendance at meetings with solicitors, consultants or authorities;

  • A fee of RM 200 per hour or RM 1,000 per working day of 8 hours for giving evidence before judicial bodies.

Scale of fees

  • Valuation services

    • Capital / Rating valuation 

    • For land acquisition cases

    • Submission to SC / Central Bank & Plant & Machinery valuation

    • Rental / Rating valuation

    • Mass valuation for local authorities

    • Update valuation

    • Revaluation

    • Retrospective valuation

    • Additional claims

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