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CCO & Associates is a professional real estate company registered with Malaysia's Board Of Valuers, Appraisers & Estate Agents (BOVAEA). The company offers wide range of professional real estate services.

Valuation of Assets


We have for many years provided a wide scope of Valuation services for Real Estate, Plant, Machinery, Trade Stocks and Furniture and Fixtures. Our valuation covers wide ranging purposes such as follows:

  • Financing

  • Credit reviews

  • Portfolio valuation

  • Auction reserve prices

  • Fire insurance

  • Loss assessments

  • Sale

  • Acquisition

  • Compulsory land acquisition

  • Public flotation

  • Capital issues

  • Mergers

  • Take-over defense

  • Property taxes

  • Estate / stamp duty

  • Balance sheet / financial statements

  • Business migration

  • Financial Reporting Standards

  • Private Entity Reporting Standards

Professional real estate services:


Valuation - Compulsory Acquisitions

We fight for fair and adequate compensation for our clients when their properties are compulsorily acquired.

Valuation for loan security and Sale

We provide professional opinion to banks and financial institutions to inform them whether their assets are adequately collateralized. In addition, we also provide adequate valuation, valuation for credit review purposes, portfolio valuation and valuation for Auction Reserve Price purposes.

Valuation for Accounting / Financial Reporting Standards (FRS)

We provide professional opinion to corporate clients on the “Fair Market Value” of their assets in accordance to the Malaysian Financial Reporting Standards in compliance with their requirements to submit to the Securities Commission and / or relevant authority on an annual basis for their financial statement purposes.

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