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Our Missions & Values 

CCO, a simple acronym often used by our founder Sr. Chan Cheok Onn to address himself, has become the professional trademark for the Group. Simple yet distinctive, his values and visions have immense influences in shaping the fundamental values and missions of the Group.


  • To comply with the highest professional standards adopted locally and abroad.

  • To conduct our practice in the highest tradition of the profession, at all times cultivating reliability, credibility and responsibility.


  • To achieve clients’ complete satisfaction with our services, carried out with speed and accuracy.


  • To have zero defect in our works, natured through diligence, care and enthusiasm.


Organizational Culture

  • Our practices are guided and governed by a common Professional Service Standards (PSS). This will ensure high quality and consistent professional services are offered by CCO & Associates and all the branches.


  • The management and staff will be exposed to various continuous professional development programs to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field and be of relevance to contemporaneous requirements.

C - Compliance
C - Commitments
O - Organizational culture

We believe our greatest asset is our staff and our clients, each and every one of them, to be kept, natured and enhanced.

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